I have had the pleasure of teaching many public classes in Sayulita over the years, for all the main yoga studios and gigs:  Haramara, Om, Paraiso, Las Olas Surf Camp, Mexifit, and Hotelito Los Sueños.
It seems that my path (my dharma) is to teach private yoga sessions, as they seem to find me wherever I am.  Before leaving Vancouver I taught only privates for both groups and individuals that would find me and request yoga in various forms.

My last Vancouver sessions were with a fun group of women, long-time friends in their late 20’s-early 30’s, that organized themselves for yoga. They enjoyed running, being outdoors and all held full time jobs. I came up with a yoga practice that worked for them!

We met on the North Shore Mountains with yoga and pranayama as the warm up, then off to run a loop or 2 around Rice Lake.  The moment they left me they’d start “catching up” and I’d hear their voices fade into the distance while I gathered mats, hoodies, etc. and relocated.

When they returned they’d find I had lit candles in an open-sided gazebo, their mats arranged in a circle. I’d keep the agni (the heat they’d created) stoked with a vigorous practice and then socks, hoodies and blankets for shavasana in the crisp mountain air. Or with warm layers on, we’d each find a rock mid-river to sit on for meditation with rushing water on all sides to help quiet our minds.

These are my fond memories of Koryn and the ‘Bhavanas’.

Rather than swim upstream I am going with the flow once again, guiding private practices as they come to me, bringing me back to my path.  I continue to enjoy the challenges and gifts in helping match the practice to the person or people as it continues to call on all my creativity.  I look forward to co-creating with you, no matter how many times it changes along the way.  I am forever grateful for all I learn in the process.


I completed my 1st Teacher Training with Asha Gayle Dielman in Vancouver BC in January 2005. Immediately afterwards she invited me to Mexico to assist a second teacher training and to teach in a resort.  The experience of living and teaching in Mexico remained with me and during the next 3 years, while I taught small groups and privates in Vancouver Canada, I continued to visit Mexico until I moved to Sayulita in 2008 where I’ve been teaching and living ever since.

My mother introduced me to yoga and a healthy lifestyle at a young age. This early influence continued to guide me throughout University, and various contract work in the remote back country of BC. I settled in Tofino for 8 years working as a paramedic, chef for a fly fishing camp, and for Tofino Airlines while I studied for my pilots’ license. I left Tofino to study acupuncture and paid for my studies working again in the wilderness. Then I returned to Vancouver, the city of my birth, to find work in the movie industry, which is when I decided that all my coworkers and I could use a little more yoga.  It was Harvey Frand, the producer of the show I was working on, who allowed

me to take as much time as I needed to study and receive my teacher training. I shared these teachings with my coworkers in film guiding many through private classes over the next few years.

Inspired constantly by nature, I am always humbled to receive its teachings, whether surfing, meditating,  or watching the sun set on the water each night.  I am grateful for the change from years in the wilderness of Canada to the warm waters and wilds surrounding my jungle home. It is in nature that I have always felt the strongest and most direct or immediate connection to my inner teacher, my center and my practice. It is where Ireturn to gather inspiration and to deepen my practice, with a curiosity for what it has to teach me with each conscious breath.

The many teachers who have inspired and shown me so much about myself and my practice include:  Asha GayleDielman, Swami Kripalu, Swami Sivananda Radha, Amy Weintraub, Shiva Rea, Diane Long, Christine Borg, Melina Meza, Todd and Laurie Inyoue, Mara Branscombe, Wendy Eyton, Clara Roberts-Oss, Jennifer Isaacson, Susan Sheridan, and of course all of my students.

My first teacher training was in the Kripalu tradition of yoga, known for its acceptance of all styles of yoga and its gentle compassionate approach to receiving your inner wisdom.

Each session responds to the uniqueness of the moment. Listen toyour intuition and use your breath as your guide. Discover the potential of your body each moment with curiosity for what you might find.  Remember the fundamental truth that no matter what style of yoga you practice, everything you need to know can be found within.