Are you planning a birthday, family reunion, gathering of friends or coworkers, girls’ get-away, or other event in Sayulita? Would you like yoga to be a part of it? I’d be happy to weave a thread through the series of sessions that will make it a complete addition to whatever else you have planned.

I prefer to plan yoga into the design you already have for your time here, to match or compliment why it is you’ve chosen to gather. I am very flexible in how we design what it is you’d like to offer your group and would plan along with you as the shape of your retreat/vacation takes form.

Recently I taught for a birthday group celebrating a 60th and we corresponded from the initial contact in May 2013 until the group’s first yoga session mid October 2013. The thread was along the lines of aging gracefully and so Grace and Gratitude were woven into the fabric of the series of classes. The poem written by Myrna Owen of the birthday group is published on this page if you are interested in reading her inspirations from her time here with friends.

Please contact me as soon as you decide that yoga will be one of the offerings your group may participate in while here. I will help to select the time of day and the length of time that will work best for everyone participating.

I am already connected with a few beautiful homes here in Sayulita where the owners have me take care of their guests’ yoga needs; these links are listed on my homepage. I look forward to hearing from you.